Z9_12th Lotus Flower Festival in Temple Bongseon

There was a Lotus Flower Festival in Temple Bongseon where located in Namyangju, Gyunggi, Korea. The festival was the 12th and since 2003 every year the festival has held. For the section one was opening ceremony after that temple concert started right away. On the second stage, one of the hot band ‘장미여관’, Oh JungHae, Lee MyungWoo and some other singers made wonderful concert. The stage was setup bisde of 30,000m²  of lotus flower garden. Beautiful view with beautiful sound was filled out all the place and time.

We very focused on the sound, yes of course that’s our work but with this event it was the most serious issue because till last year customers were not satisfied with sound so we were very sensitive. Unfortunately we had no time to make it all clear becase of the weather. There was heavy rain before the day so we couldn’t work even for the rig speaker system. Next day early morning we could rigging the speaker and started work so we a little bit worried but our customers satisfied with the sound. It’s the real hero, it saved me! _ Z9Media Mr.Kim

Used_ HDA24, HPS246, WM2, WM4