QREX LAUNCHING PARTY 3Engineers 3Bands On 19th, October, 2015 SPC held a very special event at INSTALAB in Gapyung with newest QREX system. Thank you for attended QREX Launching Party we call that <3Engineers 3Bands>. Also even though couldn’t be there you were there with us. We’d like to thanks to you who supported us as always. It was 3rd anniversary of SPC and there’s a story what I want to share is I had dream about LSS party in Korea since 2012, October after back to Korea from LSS party in Italy. I’ve got big impression and shock from the party because since I’ve worked in this industry I never had like this experience. Never! It was kind of culture shock. I felt many things from Mr.Giuseppe and Ms. Nadia. At the party I could see the cohesion of all the LSS members from other countries. They seems like guest but not really. LSS head quarter prepare for everything but all the LSS dealers helped them all together and gather many ideas together. It was very impressive. I was fascinated by all of the atmosphere at there. After the very first experience I pledged by myself “I will make it in 3year!” and I share what I felt with Mr. Jo who is my partner also with Mr.Giuseppe. The culture of sharing love is one of the philosophy of LSS therefore we tried to share the thing at the party. We wanted to share the things that not only showed up the speaker but also LSS culture.

I’d like to thank to – 3Engineers; MoonHyunmin, ChoiYunnyoung, LeeJeahoon You were the best! You are the best! Thank you for your great skillful work with warm heart. – 3bands; Thank You Dream Jazzband, Aroo&Paul Play, Reflex Your stage was fabulous! Each band gave us beautiful gift with your performance. – Thanks to all of visitors. If you were not there we couldn’t take the beautiful night. Each of person was the important points for the great atmosphere. – Special thanks to our LSS family. Z9 MEDIA, PRIX MEDIA SYSTEMS, STUDIO JANG, J CULTURE And thanks to Mr.Giuseppe Laruffa, Nadia, Michale. We’re never going to be loney because we have been walking together. Thank you very much indeed.

You are the gift to us.