ONEDAYCAFE’ – HajaCenter


LSS AISA has involved with Acts29Cafe to make a new culture to help people. It named ‘Sharing Love Project’. Acts29Cafe is invisible cafe. Every month we make a ONEDAY CAFE with different theme. This event is to help some people. Many volunteers coming to help who are skillful people of barista and roster and other parts of expert. LSS joined from first time and we have made all the efforts to make GOOD CULTURE. Coffee and Sound are part of culture and we have tried to make a new culture. From the ONEDAY CAFE we received some donations who want to help by their own emotion from the concert and we share the donation to people who need love mostly underprivileged.

On 31, May ONE DAY CAFE will open at HajaCenter where located in  Yondeungpogu Office.


Oh Hanna, Lee JiYeon, Kim Samuel 

Special Guest_