LSS’s OCTO21 loudspeaker system provides high output, lowdistortion sound reinforcement. OCTO21 was designed for a wide range of professional applications. This system enclosure user one woofers of 547mm very high excursion cone with 150mm voice coil and Neodymium magnet structure. This driver is ideal for reproduce very low frequencies. High performance and very high peak output for concert sound. The woofer is mounted in a reflex box hard and reinforced with 30mm front and rear panel. The OCTO21powering mode is only passive amplified operation with external electronic crossover or digital processor.High output,bass response and low distortion make the OCTO21 surprising in terms of performance. The OCT021 is the ideal product to be paired with speakers such as, SP530, SP640, PSAT1, PSAT2, AR210, AR208 or similar.


OCTO21 provides high output, low distortion sound reinforcement, it is designed for a wide-range of professional applications and is ideal to reproduce very low frequencies. OCTO21 enclosure uses one woofer of 547mm(21″) very high excursion cone with 150mm(6″) voice coil of New Technology Split Winding, 60mm peak-to-peak excursion before damage Neodymium magent allows very high force factor and linear excursion. Double sillicone spider with optimized compliance ventilated voice coil gap for reduced power compression, aluminium demodulating ring for very low distortion. The woofer is mounted in reflex box hard and reinforced with 30mm front and rear panel. OCTO21 powering mode is only passive amplified operation with external digital processor.

    • 21″ Reflex Subwoofer System
    • Powering Mode : Passive with External Digital Processor
    • For Touring use or Permanent Installation


Dimensions mm (±1 mm)

    • Height 700
    • Width 600
    • Depth 800


    • 70kg

Enclosure Material

    • Enclosure material : Birch Plywood of 18/30mm
    • Finish : Texture Polyurethane Black Paint
    • Grille : Powder Coated Perforated Steel with Anti-dust foam
    • Connectors : 2 Neutrik NL4 Speakon



Frequency Response

    • ±5 dB 30Hz ~ 150kHz
    • -10 dB 25Hz

Sensitivity (dB 1 watt @ 1 m)

    • 96dB / MAX SPL (Calculated) 135dB

Nominal Input Impedance (ohms)

    • 8Ω

Power Handling (watts cont. AES)

    • 2000W / Peak Power  8000W


    • Product Series OCTO
    • LF Subsystem & Loading 547mm woofer vented
    • Crossover two-way 12/12 dB
    • Operating Mode Passive or BI-AMP (passive LF/HF)
    • Four casters Guitel