LSS Advanced Speakers Systems landed just this year by YIJIE. LSS CHINA, YIJIE is the one of the best company where located in Guangzhou and also has branches in China. YIJIE annanced that LSS gave the wonderful sound to CHINA. YIJIE installed MUSE CLUB it is located in CHAO AN YINGBIN CLUB,Chaozhou city,Guangdong province. MUSE CLUB is configured with LSS advanced speakers and high-classed lighting. The opening ceremony was hold during the Mid-Autumn Festival. Many people  was surprised by the amazing sound and lighting.

For us this project was very important because we just showed up LSS early this year. Especially we introduced QREX to our customers. In April our manager attended LSS party in Frankfurt and he was convinced of QREX system. That’s why we’ve got confidence with QREX and we made out this project. We are very happy because our customers, all they are very happy with the sound. I’ve got more impression and confidence with LSS system from this project.

MUSE CLUB was installed following LSS speakers
QREX,  SP640, SP530, SP425, PSUB3,PSUB2