For this year LSS held special event we called <LSS ONEDAY CAFE>. SPC has involved with Acts29Cafe which is donation cafe. There’s no place but people gather together once a month who barista and volunteers at HAJA CENTER located in YoungDeungPo. On 18th, August, special donation cafe opened and many people attended the meaningful event with full of warm heart. This cafe held for help archer who are representative player of Malawi, Africa. Few years ago there was no archer member of the national team but now they are. But the problem was they cannot afford for the entry fee. Therefore SPC made special event with Acts29Cafe. SPC donate 1person by 3,000kwn and support for the Malawi national team by their name not SPC.

On that day, many people visited SPC and had wonderful time. Most impression thing was barista! They are pretty busy but they were willing to pay attention to the event. They went to SPC to make the special coffee with their warm heart. It was very impressive. Also coffee and beverage donated from suppliers. SPC pass on the contribution to MERRY YEAR INTERNATIONAL(MYI) which is the NGO to help Malawi, Vietnam etc.

More information about the event from MYI.