KwangJin Church is the main stream which is located in Seoul and the new project is KwangJin Church SiWha which is located in Gyeonggi province.

This project finished by 3 companies. Consulted by Yoram Music, installed by Prix Media Systems Co., Ltd, Technical support and provide goods by SPC(Sound People Company). 3 companies has made good collaboration.

This project had 2 reasonable points. As I mentioned good collaboration is the first and 2nd is the first installation by QREX system in Korea.

In charge of the sound engineer had concerned to get to information which speaker systems are good for the church. Because he has worked at the church for a long time and he knows well the church’s characteristic.

The church main hall has around 1200 and has balcony. KwangJin Church has 2 places, main center is in Seoul, and second place is in Gyeonggi province. The pastor has speech each province alternately. But from time to time they need broadcast to other place therefore they need new solution to provide sermon. In charge of the sound engineer Mr. Kwon JuHyung he knows well what problems they have and also had some idea how could deal with the problems so make out the things. He found out the solution with consultant Mr. Jo MyungYun. Mr. Jo has worked in this industry for a long time especially for the church he has many experiences so he could make best solution.

They made check list first to solve the problem and they arrange with the installation company Prix. After the church choose the installation company they had more of meeting to better solution.