HaJji & AeRi’s Talk Concert


On 23rd of December there was a very special concert at ArtSonje Center in Seoul, Korea. The concert was planned by copartnership of Urijib. Urijib means ‘My House’. Urijib is located in Bukchon. Bukchon is close to city hall. Bukchon is very unique village. Buk means north(hill) and Chon means village. Bukchon has very great view and you can see Korean traditional houses there therefore many tourist visit there even Korean. At the Bukchon Urijib corporation held talk concert with movie. End of 2012 this concert was very reasonable for attendant.

At the event all the audience watched movie ‘Ending Note’ and after that ‘HaJji & AeRi’ has a talk concert with their songs. HaJji and AeRi was playing Ukelel. End of the concert audiences could enjoy ‘Chang’ which is Korean traditional music. It has very special vocalization. It’s very unique and worthy. All the audience have got impression with their concert and they said ‘we could listen to the very clear voice sound with good balance’ ‘I have attenced many concert but it was the first time to enjoy the concert with good sound. I could heard the good balance and each of the source was perfectly clear so I was very comfortable to enjoy that. Sometimes I can’t concentrate on music because I can’t catch what they sing and what they’re saying but I could hear that very cleary’ ‘ Contrabass sound was very soft and Ukelel sound was very clear, those music instruments could not combine well but for me it was perfect. I’m very satisfied with this concert and I’m looking forward to meet another concert with this kind of good sound’