GODOWON HEALING CENTER choose LSS speaker system for new hall named BICHABAND  which means SHINE and SPACE of room.

The BICHABANG has very special concept through the name of room and architecture design. Therefore acoustic condition was not good for sound so they need very special solution. So they had looked for speaker system which has great clarity of the sound.

In the hall it was designed by SP425, M30.3, SP110, OCTO18. SP425 for main, M30.3 is for center area and delay section. SP110 is a monitor speaker for lecturer.

For the main system SP425 and OCTO18 matched. It’s especially for DANCE HEALING CLASS.

The president of GODOWON HEALING CENTER Mr. Go Dowon said “It’s really great sound. We didn’t realized that hall acoustic is important we just focused on design concept. We had big problem with flutter echo and reverbration and still has the problem but I can hear the very clear sound. We treated hall with some clothes. Now I am satisfied with the sound.”