Bari, abandoned

On 29th, May the concert Bari, abandoned performed at Daloreum, National Theater of Korea. The concert is opening stage for “여우樂페스티발” means “Our music is here” and from the 樂, the meaning is enjoy also it can translated music. The festival is 5th and every year getting popular. Bari is the one of the concert before open the festival. For the festival PRIX MEDIA SYSTEMS controled all the sound systems by LSS HDA24 with HPS246. Daloreum theater has balcony and the seats have slope therefore in charge of the sound for Bari, Kwak Jeongyoug considered for the aiming by array system from the inside of consititution. And the system stacked on the stage each by.

“HF resolution of the HDA24 is pretty clear and good. It brings very clear voice to audience. It was first time to use inside and I’m very satisfied with LSS sound especially with clarity.” – Prix Media Systems.Sound Engineer Kwak Jeongyong



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