76LSS was founded in 1987 in Calabria, southern Italy, by Giuseppe Laruffa. His vast experience as a sound engineer for national and international artists brings Giuseppe Laruffa into the products of LSS by high-quality speaker systems are designed and manufactured. Here are only high quality components from Italy and used in manufacturing processes to its own housing quality speaker systems (birch plywood with 13 layers of high-quality, water-resistant special adhesive). Due to the very close cooperation with world-renowned speaker manufacturing, such as B & C, and 18Sound Ciare, speaker system created using the latest acoustic science. Often speaker configurations are used, which are manufactured exclusively for LSS. During production and final inspection is paid to very narrow tolerances. Ultimately, however, the customer is the focus, so happy to implement custom solutions for installation and live performance to give users the best possible support for demanding sound reinforcement applications. The product line ranges from simple install loudspeakers over a wide range of speaker systems for live – used to large line array systems for large events. The sheer number of line array units sold in 1000 speaks for itself …

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LSS producing only professional sound systems but in the latest years it has broaden its production in order to satisfy a wider range of users. The innovations of the LSS sound and a state of the art technology are the results of 18 years of research in acoustics and audio systems engineering. LSS since its foundation has established a high standard of quality, and in the production cycle every component is selected according to 5% tolerance maximum. LSS uses for its own high quality production only Italian produced components. Every single phase of the production process, from the engineering to the crafting, is done in the LSS laboratories. LSS interacts with its own customers; while analyzing their needs, LSS is able to handle all their necessities in services for a complete satisfaction.