2018 Loveloudness

Since 2016 in Korea sound engineers and technician in this market we have made very special event to help Malawi children in Africa. We hold sound gear auction. People donate some sound gears and some people do auction and we donate all the income to Malawi health care. We named “Loveloudness”. Honor and respect Korean sound engineers.

Thank you for your all the warm heart. We held 2nd very special event we called that Loveloudness which is to help children in Mallawi, Africa. Many children were got serious problem malaria therefore some people die. After we heart the very sorrowful story we made decision to help not only us but with sound people. One of the best audio magazine in Korea, Magazine PA and SOUND PEOPLE COMPANY contacted Merry Year International. Last year we held this big event and raised 7,617,000kwon(1st), 12,223,000kwon(2nd) and this year raised 16,614,000kwon. And we could support malaria kit  to check their condition and could help around 5500 children.

In this year we had amazing result. Around 30 companies and in person joined and give their sound gears and own goods. We hope next year we could keep going the reasonable event. We are very proud of Korean Sound People. Thank you for your accompany and with your warm heart. We will report you detaily how does the donation used. We wish we could meet you next year with great news from Mallawi.

Thank you for all the people who joined Loveloudness.


HOST : Magazine PA
SUPPORT : (주)무대음향협회, (사)한국음향예술인협회, (사)한국음향학회, 한국교회방송기술인연합회, (사)한국라이브사운드협회


Donation Company

AHMH에이치엠에치, 더진컴퍼니, (주)레버리지어컴퍼니, 월간PA, (주)사운드솔루션, 미스터어쿠스틱스, 요람뮤직, 사운드피플컴퍼니(SPC), 사운드앤라이프, 포맥프로토, (주)사운드코리아이엔지, 온엑스테크놀로지, 소비코, 미디어브릿지, 지구미디어, (주)미프로코리아, (주)프릭스미디어시스템즈, 소리엘영상음향, 빅뮤직엔터테인먼트, 익명

Personal Donation

정보미, 윤석윤, 최수영, 이래영, 송덕근, 이희준, 김호진, 이성현, 한종수, 정상호


1st Auction : 7,535,000
2nd Auction : 8,533,000
Selling Goods : 216,000
Donation : 330,000
Total : 16,614,000kwon