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[su_quote]from. LSS ITALY[/su_quote] Musikmesse in Frankfurt, Germany , on March 13.

Great success for the LSS demo for the presentation of the new QREX system.
This year, LSS demo party organized by Michael Schoebel (German distributor) and his team, has shown the real character of the new QREX system . The new system , composed of the Qrex speaker and SUBQREX subwoofer, has been tested through a live performance by the Doc2: Massimo Russo and Vincenzo Mirabello, arousing great enthusiasm and strong emotions among the listeners. Among the public were present LSS distributors of Korea, Turkey , Austria and China plus some clients from Italy.
A special greeting to LSS distributors of Germany, Korea, Turkey, Austria and China who were present at the demo plus some customers from Italy. We also thanks Vincenzo Mirabello and Massimo Russo for their precious help and excellent performance. Other thanks the of B & C  team for having enjoyed demo-party.

LOCATION: Frankfurt Am Main, Germany **** Alte Textil Fabrik

Live Music : – DOC2
Vincenzo Mirabello & Massimo Russo

There was a dinner party in Frankfurt on 13th at the center of Frankfurt. For the dinner party SUBQREX just showed up with QREX. At the dinner party <d.o.c.2> performed. Live demo is the featuring popular chracters of the LSS. All of LSS users from many other country gather together include newest user from China YIJIE had a great time. All the LSS partners could enjoyed with traditional German food with Italian music. It could matched great atmosphere.