On Monday, 28th, April, there was a demo party at PRIX MEDIA SYSTEMS’ warehouse where located in Pyeongtaek-si , Gyeonggi-do. LSS’ culture is blending of party with music and LSS Korea(SPC) has devoted ourselves with LSS Partners. For the 3rd party at first we planded BBQ party with mini live concert but we changed the plan to circumstances beyond control. Therefore we canceled the live concert and we reduce the scale of party. Instead we made demo by micro vertical array system, high definition line array speaker system and some point source speaker systems. Composition of micro vertical array system was ST17, SB17 and OCTO18 and for the high definition array was configured by HDA24 with HPS246. Beside array system there were beautifully placed on display some point source speaker such as various of SP series, MIL130, PULCE systems with woofer, LT60, PP4-10 and sort of subwoofer speakers. At the demo party many attendance from rental company, install company, consulting company even freelancers gathered and had great time. All LSS Partners prepared for this event with SPC and it brought many opportunity to LSS. From the event we found perfectly possible that let engineers get a shower by fantabulous sound.

For the guest we need to mention that we are very happy to had you at our party and we are going to plan for the next party to enjoy with you. And for some people who were not there because no information, all we are sorry about to not to mentioned but we will make an other chance to have you at more beautiful atmosphere for you. We’d like to thank all those who have believed in and supported us.

Many thanks and love to Prix, Z9, Bright MY and Giuseppe Laruffa.

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