Before starting to the LSS Party the garden of Uliveto Principessa Park Resort Hotel was very calm. Only you can see greensward, Olive trees and some kind of palms with romantic pool. Only I can hear some birds song and wind and nobody expecting that what’s going to be change this place in the evening. Withe the silent nature sound LSS family was preparing for the great worthy event with excitement just as last year.

They had checked detail things for the great result but it’s not a special things for them it’s just their ordinary life. Because LSS family always done for the perfect result. We could see what exactly they’ve done for the good party. After setting up all of the system, tuned the system and check again, again, and again to be perfect. I could realized that when I listened to the sound how could make the sound perfect. Basically the LSS sound is perfect and the members are making the sound more greatful. I saw their concerning and how they respect sound. And the view.. was perfectly matched with the beautiful sound. It’s just fantabulous!

Inside of the hotel Point source and subwoofer speaker was setted in Conference room. At the conference room all the users had seminar by Toni Soddu. He had great seminar with the LSS speaker system. Second day there was a small concert by Francesco Loccisano with Italian traditional guitar play. I felt like a dreamy.

Outside again, Toni, Giuseppe, and Davide were checking the system for the last and all the customers and users gather together at FOH. They discussed about sound and system and checked LSS system at there. Also on the stage musicians were checking the sound for rehearsal and also for the concert.

Getting dark, and it’s time to show! for the first day we could enjoy with Walking Trees band and the second day with Lion’s Service Group. We could listen to the sound exactly how the LSS works in the live. Because when we have demon every case listen to the sound by CD not by Live. It was fruitfulness. And with the Band with the LSS sound we enjoyed and got the very special experience all together.