시간의 향기(Duft der Zeit)

On 27th, February there was a very unique concert at OLYMPUS HALL, Seoul. The title is <Duft der Zeit> in German.(Korean title is 시간의 향기)
The concert planned by modern music and electric music. It was unique performance therefore we infrequently could meet this kind of performance. For the concert in charge of the sound engineer needs special sound equipment and he choose 2 of LT60 system. He designed system who asked music director what he want and the sound engineer Mr. Jang TaeSung collected the LSS system. For the special performance sound gear must play each musical instrument’s and it has done well. He said

“I satisfied with the LT60 sound especially voice clarity was perfect. Also the sound system need low frequency sound and the LT60-SUB could provide powerful sound for the electric sound. I was very impressive with the voice color”